Máximo A. Roa


Dr. Máximo A. Roa

On grasp planning and evaluation of grasps

This lecture will present an overview of methods used for planning grasps to be executed with multi-fingered hands. The methods will cover from simple heuristic definitions for two finger grippers, to object-centered methods and methods that exploit environmental constraints to increase robustness of the grasping action.

The second part of the lecture will focus on the evaluation of a grasp execution. Different benchmarking tasks, aiming to compare or assess the performance of a robotic manipulation system, will be presented and discussed, focusing in particular on the quantitative evaluation of the experimental results.

Short CV:

Maximo A. Roa is Scientific Researcher and Team Leader at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) – Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics. Before joining DLR, he worked for Hewlett Packard R&D as a research specialist.  He currently serves as co-chair of the IEEE-RAS Technical Committee on Mobile Manipulation. His main research areas include grasping, manipulation, motion planning and humanoid robots. He is currently involved in the EU project SoMa, mainly in the development of a novel concept of underactuated manipulator and on the development of a guide for benchmarking soft manipulation tasks.

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